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-- Guangdong Shan head " 12 กค 4 " the underwear plant that 4 buildings of the right in graph of arson case investigation produce fire namely. The reporter saves lash-up of Shan head municipal government to imitation watches india manage office know from Guangdong on December 5 morning, the Shan head that causes 14 people death " 12 กค 04 " because of,the guilty suspect Liu Mou of fire accident confesses trouble between labor and management, bought the guilty fact that 40 yuan of benzine escape after this factory is incendiary. Guangzhou of xinhua net of hair replica watches of Xinhua News Agency the fire of an arise suddenly will gobble up report 4 days on December 5 the area austral tide of city of head of Guangdong province Shan 14 young life, cause one person to be weighed. The same night of mechanism of classics public security investigates crack a criminal case, cloud of Liu Mou of arson crime suspect already was seized and confessed commit the crime through. In the life of 14 die, it is still maiden more married young woman worker. Astonishing is, cause the guilty suspect Liu Mou of such tragic, because there is 500 yuan discrepancy on settle accounts salary with the boss,be mere unexpectedly, and under stretch arson. Igneous demon gobbles up 14 young life 4 days 15 when 30 minutes, old inn presses down the area austral tide of Shan head city new brook underwear factory produces fake rolex paypal Xicunyi fire, ham area makes an appointment with 200 square metre. 13 fire engine and 84 fireman are driven go to spot rush to save life and property, fire 15 when 55 minutes controlled, 16 when be put out 30 swiss panerai replica watches minutes thoroughly. However, this conflagration had been caused 14 dead the bitter consequence of 1 injury. Old inn town is assess of association of industry of knitting of association of Chinese textile industry, Chinese clothing association, China " Chinese underwear famous city panerai eberhard replica watches fake " . The underwear plant that produces fire is a 4 layer buildings the building that tall, appearance sticks full yellow ceramic tile. 5 meridian the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. are divided, conflagration puts out the cordon block that the spot after nearly 20 hours still is set to fall by public security mechanism, the fire control expert that the group in Guangdong province comes still is inside the building reconnaissance circumstance. Can see outside cordon, underwear factory doorway ins disorder one piece, underwear, plastic bottle, bench sundry scatter one ground. 21 years old, from Guangdong province Pu Ning city comes one of survival that the workingwoman Chen Xiaoshan that the area austral tide works is this conflagration, memory has the fire that produces before the day, she up to now one's heart still fluttering with fear. Chen Xiaoshan says, the factory is laying the raw material such as machine tool and bombazine one layer, 2 are the boss' office, three-layer is the place of working procedure of the line after the worker handles spin underwear, 4 worker is in charge of underwear finalizing the design the job. "There are 30 bearers in what the factory works at ordinary times, conflagration is fake ceramic watches 4 days afternoon burn from first floor rise, everybody goes out not to go, I rely on the local job of the window in three-layer, jump by good luck so the window escaped, it is barely escape one's life. " Chen Xiaoshan says. After fire happening, many around villagers hurry to the spot to come to help, wrap up the new brook that begin on the west village villager Mr Zhang is among graham replica them one of. Mr Zhang says, conflagration is burned from first floor upgrade at that time, igneous power is too great, the person inside the factory does not have a law to leave a floor from stair, "So somebody jumps down from the window above, we are received below, when accepting a person handle sprain. " 12? Does on one page issue one page? 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