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New capital signs up for Hu Cunzhi of undersecretary of ministry of dispatch land natural resources to expressed yesterday, scheduling of branch of land natural resources ensures room land to supply forty-seven thousand six hundred hectare this year, already fulfilled 20 thousand hectare at present, fulfil with the ground rate 80% . Fell last year practical forty-three thousand six hundred hectare yesterday, chinese development studies foundation held China to ensure seminar of sexual housing international. Hu Cunzhi says on the meeting, will nearly 3 years ensure sexual housing to be supplied with the ground show year after year to add momentum. Fulfilled safeguard sex housing to use the land 2010 twenty-five thousand one hundred hectare, fell 2011 practical forty-three thousand six hundred hectare, scheduling ensured sexual housing to supply forty-seven thousand six hundred hectare with the ground 2012, calculate 1.76 times of swiss copy watches the demand that use the land for year. Hu Cunzhi expresses, the land that can enhance safeguard sex housing is examined and approve and supply government. Hire room, economy to cheap applicable room and in low price, medium small model of 3 kinds of housing such as commodity housing have management priority with the ground, when each district reports the program that use hublot replica eta the land, the residence lists alone with fake miscellaneous the ground, 70% replica watches high quality what these 3 kinds of housing must not use ground year gross under the residence with the ground. Preferential when scheduling supply. Comfortable room bans classics of 60 ŠO less than to obtain imitation toy watch the Hu Cunzhi that use the land to say with transfer means, in safeguard land of sexual housing construction supplies the meeting on the problem to execute increment and put a quantity to pay equal attention to, cheap hires room and economy applicable room is transfer means at present, by transfer of government of prefectural class above, and the part of blame market operation in the public housing that rent, also can use transfer means. He still says, can strengthen the land in ensuring sexual housing to build a course to superintend, implement the policy that use the land. Cheap hires room sheet to cover floor area 40 smooth rice less than, economy is applicable room 60 smooth rice less than, prohibit acquiring land with transfer means, use at the development of commercial housing. Hair of expert view country changes appoint expert safeguard room should be not assumed fall to country of house price responsibility develops and reform committee to invest institute researcher Luo Yunyi to expressed yesterday, in the long run, the price of commodity house becomes ascendant trend necessarily, the supply that increases safeguard sex housing will surely not lower the price of commodity house, construction of safeguard sex housing should not assume the responsibility that lowers house price. Yesterday, just leave off his post national hair changes appoint the Luo Yunyi's researcher that invests institute director post puts forward, the construction that ensures sexual housing should assume the responsibility that provides safeguard for family of difficulty of low income housing merely, do not assume the montblanc replica responsibility of price of adjusting control house. Luo Yunyi is a point of view that shows his with Singapore replica watches and Chinese Hong Kong, the safeguard sex housing of Singapore enclothed a face to achieve 82% , but average price rises commodity house every year 7.8% , the hublot replica watch safeguard sex housing of Hong Kong enclothed a face to also be achieved 50% the left and right sides, but commodity house price also is rising ceaselessly. Luo Yunyi thinks, in the long run, commodity housing shows ascendant trend necessarily, because the income level of people rises ceaselessly,this basically is and the specific place of residential commodity decides. His view lets ensure sexual housing to assume the responsibility that provides safeguard for family of difficulty of low income housing merely, do not assume the responsibility of price of adjusting control house, and the adjusting control of commodity house price just also takes his route. 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