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Links to other Medal Related Sites

This page is designed to provide you with links to other militaria-related web sites. If you know of any others that we do not currently have listed, please let us know. Likewise, please report any dead links so that we can remove them from our list. Happy surfing!

Military Collectors' Club of Canada  An excellent club for the collector of Canadian militaria. They publish a quarterly journal filled with informative articles written by the membership, and hold a very enjoyable convention each year. I have been a proud member for over 25 years!

Canadian Society of Military Medals & Insignia  Another excellent club for the collector of Canadian militaria, with a membership mainly based in Ontario. They publish a bi-annual journal, with member-submitted article on a wide range of topics, and hold an annual convention in Burlington, Ontario that is always well-attended. I am a member of this club as well, and it has been a great source of contact with like-minded collectors!

Orders and Medals Research Society  The premier collector's society for those who specialize in Commonwealth medals. The OMRS is UK-based, but has a world-wide membership. It is an excellent avenue to make contact with like-minded collectors, and local chapters, like the one here in Ottawa, Canada, allow members to meet and share knowledge on a regular basis. I have been a member since 1987, and strongly encourage you to join if you are a medal collector who is interested in the individuals that won the awards. The society publishes a quarterly journal filled with informative articles written by the membership, and their website offers details on how to join.

British Medal Forum  A place to discuss British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, South African and all Commonwealth Medals with other collectors, who are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

Dealers, Auctioneers and Researchers

Vimy Militaria recommends the following dealers, auctioneers and researchers. We've dealt with them all, and can vouch for their honesty and commitment to service. If you haven't found what you're after here, please give them a try.

Tanya Ursual, Military Antiquarian Inc.  Tanya Ursual has continued a family business that has been one of the leading sources for militaria collectors here in Canada for over forty years. They have a large and varied stock of Canadian, British, and Foreign medals, and their site is well worth a visit!

Service Publications  Clive Law's publication legacy lives on under new ownership. A great range of books dealing with topics of interest to militaria collectors and history buffs alike.

Arctic Medals  Mike McMahon's site is professionally designed and features a wide selection of military medals and insignia, with some excellent Canadian content. Well worth a visit!

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