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  One. RCAF-associated Sterling silver prize ashtray. Engraved No.1 Air Observer School Malton, Presented to Sgt. F.A. Davidson, Winner of Skyways Trophy, by Dominion Skyways Training Air Bomber Course 79, August 5, 1943. Marked 925 STERLING on reverse.

Good VF Condition $200


  One. A photo album containing images of members of the North West Mounted Police and Indigenous Canadians in the Canadian West. Album is 11 1/2" long x 7 1/2 inches wide, with a hard bound black binder cover and a four ring binder system. It contains a series of black and white images glued to cardboard backings with hand written desrciptions of the subject of each photo printed in black ink. It contains 87 images of NWMP subjects, including group photos, individual portraits, and images of the various locations where the force established forts. Another 33 images of Indigenous Canadians are included, again featuring a mixture of named portraits, group photos, and scenes of life on the plains. The images appear to cover the period 1873 up to around 1910. Many seem to be prints from negatives held in institutional collections, vice unique original images, although it appears that the cataloguer who compiled them and added the captions had some knowledge of the subjects, as in many cases, he includes nicknames or details that are not apparent in the images. An incredibly interesting and useful compilation of images of the NWMP in the early years of the force.

Good VF Condition $800


  One. A Sterling Silver 144th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force sweetheart pin. Approximately 1 1/2" wide x 1/2" tall, consisting of two miniature 144th Bn CEF badges flanking a miniature 3rd Winnipeg Rifles badge. Maker marked (indistinguishable) on reverse.

VF Condition $75


  One. A Sterling Silver 4th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force enamelled sweetheart pin. Maker-marked J.W.T. STERLING SILVER on reverse. With original working pin-back fastener.

Good VF Condition $75


  One. Second World War era Royal Canadian Air Force 'Service de Guet Aerien' (Aircraft Detection Corps) Badge in box of issue. Numbered 42088. Maker marked STERLING B.M. Co (Breadner Manufacturing Company). The Royal Canadian Air Force's Canadian Aircraft Detection Corps was organized in May 1940. It was made up of civilian volunteers across the country, who took training courses in aircraft detection in order to be able to identify both Allied and enemy aircraft, and also learned necessary communication skills to pass on their observations as appropriate. These volunteers provided a valuable early warning system at a time when radar was not yet fully developed. By the end of 1943, the Aircraft Detection Corps had 30,000 members across the country. As the need for these volunteers was usurped by technology, particularly the introduction of radar systems, the RCAF disbanded the organization in November 1944. A scarce French-language version of this badge.

Good VF Condition $75


Four. A complete First World War Canadian Forestry Corps CEF uniform. The uniform is clean and has only a limited amount of moth damage; a couple of spots on one of the tunic pockets, and on the back of one leg on the trousers. It belonged to 2245558 Private Henry Edmund Perkins, Canadian Forestry Corps, and was purchased directly from the family. It is accompanied by a signed letter from his grandson indicating the provenance of the items, which include the following four pieces:
1) CEF Tunic with Canadian Forestry Corps Collar badges and CANADA shoulder titles
2) Uniform pants for driver/teamster with leather patches to inner leg
3) CEF forage cap with Canadian Forestry Corps cap badge (marked with British War office markings and dated 1918 on inside liner)
4) Pair of puttees for CEF uniform. An interesting and complete uniform with research potential to a less commonly seen CEF unit.

Good VF Condition $2500 or best offer


One. A Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) brass ceremonial dress helmet with King's Crown helmet plate. This style of helmet was adopted by Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC) in 1911. This helmet is an older example, but has had a new liner added, as is typical given that they have continued to worn by members of the unit on ceremonial occasions, and by the unit's Ceremonial Mounted Troop, to this day. One small dent to rear (see photos), and some curling/shrinkage of the green leather on the inside peak of the helmet.

Good VF Condition $1800


One. A Royal Canadian Air Force blazer crest in embroidered bullion thread c. 1953-1968. Has been used on a veteran's blazer, but is in good condition for its age.

Good VF Condition $25


One. A Canadian YMCA sweetheart pin. Maker marked with a capital W surrounded by two maple leafs, and marked STERLING as well. With original pin-back fastener, which is in working order.

Good VF Condition $75


One. Sterling Silver First World War identity disk bracelet. Engraved LtCol D.A. FINDLAY C OF E O.C. 3RD CAN. DIV. TRAIN. Lieutenant Colonel William Henri de la Tour D'Avergne Findlay (who used D'Avergne as his given name in his signature block) was an 'apple rancher' at the time of his enrollment as a Captain in the Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Expeditionary Force at Salisbury Plain on 8 January 1915. A widower, he had extensive previous military service, and he rose throug the ranks over the course of the conflict to eventually command the 3rd Canadian Division Train, CASC, as a Lieutenant Colonel. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order in the London Gazette of 1 January 1917, was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the London Gazette of 5 July 1919, and also received the French Croix de Guerre in May 1919. He was also Mentioned in Dispatches on 4 occasions.

Good VF Condition $150


Three. RMC Sterling Silver Prize Medals to Cadet No.1691 W.P.C. Boutillier. 1922 2nd Cross Country Run; 1923 2nd Cross Country Run; 1925 2nd Cross Country Run. With copy research indicating William Percy LeBoutilier was a member of the Royal Military College's Class of 1926, and was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire, also earning the 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas clasp (and entitlement to Hong Kong clasp), and War Medal 1939-45 for service as Adjutant of the Royal Rifles of Canada (RRC) during the Second World War. LeBoutilier was taken prisoner in Hong Kong in December 1941, and received the MBE for his leadership in maintaining morale and discipline in the RRC while the unit's members were in captivity. An interesting group of items to a decorated Canadian Hong Kong POW.

EF Condition $300


Nine. A group of 5th Royal Highlanders of Canada tunic buttons (1" size - 40 Ligne). Mazeas MM-40. Maker marked (various manufacturers). Four with floating shank, and five with fixed shank.

Good VF Condition $50 or best offer


One. A Canadian military Car Pennant. Unit that used this pennant, and approximate age, is unknown. Pennant is rectangular in shape, and made of what seems to be a rough cotton material, in red with a central blue stripe with a white numeral '2' sewn to the centre on each side. Flag has a slight tear as seen in photos, but is otherwise..

Good VF Condition $100


One. A Second World War Royal Canadian Dragoons 5th Canadian Division cloth formation sleeve badge. Appears to be unused.

Good VF Condition $350 or best offer


One. A Second World War era 3rd Bn Irish Fusiliers (Vancouver Regiment) cloth shoulder title. These titles were produced for the unit sometime between February and August 1943, when the unit was disbanded, and there is no indication that they were ever authorized for wear. Nonetheless, this badge does appear to be removed from a uniform (Refer to p. 393 of Fabric of War by Bill Alexander for details of use).

Good VF Condition $486

Cap Badges, Helmet Plates, metal collar and shoulder badges


  One. A collar badge to the 107th East Kootenay Regiment. Maker-marked R.J. INGLIS LIMITED. With original pin-back fastener.

Good VF Condition $30


  Four. Two matched pairs of modern Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment of Canada) officers' collar badges. All with original lugs. No maker marks.

VF Condition $85


One. A cap badge to the 118th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. No maker mark. With two original lug fasteners.

Good VF Condition $60


One. A 242nd Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force collar badge. Babin E-242. Pin back. No maker mark.

VF Condition $30


Three. A cap badge and set of collar badges for the Montreal Highland Cadets Battalion. Mazeas CD.5. Cap badge is maker marked W. SCULLY MONTREAL on reverse. Collars have a slightly different finish, with one more gilded than the other. Some verdegris around lugs on cap badge.

Good VF Condition $85


One. A Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada cap badge c.1939. Mazeas M.11. Badge has had one lug repaired with heavy use of solder.

F Condition $35


Two. A pair of Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada sporran badges. One badge has a flat tang that appears to be broken off, and the other has a single flat lug.

F Condition $50


One. A Black Watch Royal Highlanders of Canada Glengarry Badge. In stamped white metal with original lugs on reverse. This badge was worn between 1930 and 1939 (Mazeas M.10). A scarcer badge

Good VF Condition $125


Two. A mis-matched pair of 5th Royal Highlanders of Canada collar badges c. 1900-1904 Mazeas MM-38. One badge is cast brass while other is stamped brass, both with original lugs. No maker mark.

Good VF Condition $125


Two. A mis-matched pair of 5th Royal Scots of Canada collar badges c. 1904. Mazeas MM-39/MM-40. Both collars are die struck in brass with original lugs, one with traces of original gilding. No makers marks.

Good VF Condition $125


One. A 150th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force cap badge. Die struck badge in darkened copper with pickled finish. Badge has original lugs. No makers marks. Babin E-150.

Good VF Condition $60


One. A 13th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force (Royal Highlanders of Canada) bronze glengarry cap badge. Badge appears to have been sand cast. Has two original lugs on reverse with some minor verdigris present. No maker mark.

Good VF Condition $85


One. A 3rd Victoria Rifles of Canada Victorian helmet plate c. 1879-1904. Mazeas SBP-80.

Good VF Condition $275


Two. A matched pair of Royal Highlanders of Canada brass shoulder titles, worn by the 5th RHC's CEF battalions. In stamped brass with original lugs. No maker marks.

Good VF Condition $50


One. A Regiment de Levis slider-backed brass cap badge c. 1928-1940. In stamped brass. No maker marks. With evidence of wear. Mazeas M-34.

Good VF Condition $225


One. A 5th Royal Scots Glengarry Badge with motto 'I BEARE IN MINDE'. In cast bronze with two soldered lugs on reverse. This badge was worn by the 5th Royal Fusiliers, predecessor of the 5th Royal Scots, between 1875 and 1878/79; the motto was adopted out of respect for Major Kenneth Campbell, and was the motto of the Campbell of Harris branch of the clan. A very rare badge, not featured in Mazeas.

Good VF Condition $1250


One. A 5th Royal Highlanders cap badge c. 1906 Mazeas MM-40. Quality made badge stamped in white metal with original lugs. No maker mark.

Good VF Condition $250


One. A 5th Royal Scots Glengarry badge c. 1900-1904. Die struck badge in gilded brass with original lugs. No makers mark. Mazeas MM-38.

EF Condition $150


One. University of Montreal Canadian Officers Training Corps officers' cap badge. Quality made badge cast in heavy brass, with maker mark G. LAMOND & FILS on reverse.

Good VF Condition $150 or best offer


One. A First World War 73rd Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force cap badge. Old repair to left lug on reverse. One of the rarest Canadian CEF cap badges

Good VF Condition $1250 or best offer

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