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Welcome to the latest Vimy Militaria update; this refresh of the site includes an attractive double gallantry MC and Belgian Croix de Guerre group to a Canadian officer, with the MC earned during the Hundred Days campaign, and an interesting MM group to a British soldier from the 21st London Regiment. Other items include a couple of Canada General Service Medals, to the Welland Canal Field Battery and the Sarnia Provisional Battalion; a scarce EVII Colonial Auxiliary Force Officers Decoration; a pair to the 123rd Bn CEF; and a selection of Imperial Service Medals. I am continuing to receive consignment items on a regular basis, and have included some interesting Second World War and modern era peacekeeping groups in this update as well.

Please keep visiting regularly; I should have another update completed early next month!

Best wishes,

Jim Godefroy

New Arrivals


  Five. Military Cross (GV), 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, and Belgian Croix de Guerre. MC and Belgian CdeG un-named, 1914-15 Star named to 53258 PTE. J. MORGAN 18/CAN: INF:, and BWM/Victory named to LIEUT. J. MORGAN. John Morgan was born on 3 November 1889 in Newtown, Wales. A locomotive fireman in civilian life, he enlisted in the 18th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force in Windsor, Ontario on 27 October 1914. Arriving in England in late April 1915, he went to France with his battalion as part of the 2nd Canadian Division in September 1915. He was promoted to LCpl in the field on 19 April 1916, and to Sergeant on 13 December 1916. He was sent to England as an officer candidate for training on 14 April 1917, shortly after the battle of Vimy Ridge, and was commissioned as a Lieutenant in July, returning to the 18th Battalion by 24 August 1917. He was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre in early 1918, for 'distinguished services rendered during the course of the campaign', with the award being published in London Gazette 30792 on 12 July 1918. He went on to receive further recognition during the Hundred Days campaign at the close of the war, receiving the Military Cross as a Lieutenant for his part in leading assaults on enemy rear guards during the push towards Mons on 9 November 1918. His citation for the award, published in London Gazette 31266 of 2 April 1919, states:

For conspicuous gallantry and initiative in front of Noirchain, on 9 November 1918. Throughout the day he kept assaulting the enemy rear-guards with energy and dash. At one point, where the enemy were preparing to make a stand against the battalion on his right, he led platoon against the enemy posts several hundred yards on his flank, and overcoming the obstacles facilitated the advance of the rest.

Medals are swing-mounted for wear on period ribbons. An attractive double gallantry group to a Canadian Lieutenant for the Pursuit to Mons.

EF Condn $3500


  One. Canada General Service Medal 1866-1870 with clasp "Fenian Raid 1866". Named to Cpl. W.J. Gurd, Sarnia Prov. Bn. William J. Gurd was one of 18 members of the Sarnia Provisional Battalion to receive this medal, his medal roll entry noting that he was on duty 'March-June 1866 at Sarnia - Attack Expected'. Medal is on clean period ribbon. An attractive CGS to a scarcer unit.

Good VF Condition $600


  Three. Military Medal (GV), British War Medal and Victory Medal. MM named to 651361 CPL. A.R. FITZGERALD 1/21 LOND: R., and pair with number 3720, rank SJT, same name, initials, but 21-LOND.R. Alfred Reginald Fitzgerald served in France and Belgium (Theatre 1 (a)) between 2 January 1916 and 7 July 1918, and was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the London Gazette of 13 March 1918, while serving as a member of the 21st Battalion London Regiment. The LG entry includes the location 'Brixton Hill, S.W.' after his name, which I assume represents his home town or place of enlistment. The LG date of the award suggests it was likely for Cambrai in November 1917. Electronic research documents (copy of medal index card, medal roll entry amd London Gazette record of Military Medal award) are included with the group, which is unmounted on older relatively clean original ribbon.

Good VF Condition $850


  One. Canada General Service Medal with clasp 'FENIAN RAID 1866'. Named to Bmdr.T. Good, Welland Canal F.B. Recipient confirmed on roll as Bombardier Thomas Good, Welland Canal Field Battery, who served under Major R.S. King, with the roll entry noting, "1st June - 21st July 1866 Port Colborne". One of 56 medals awarded to this unit, with about half of these to members who saw action at Fort Erie on 2 June 1866; Good is one of those who did not participate in the latter action. Medal is loose on original clean ribbon stiffened with a cardboard backing for display. An attractive medal to a scarcer unit.

Good VF Condition $1000


  Two. British War Medal 1914-20 and Victory Medal. Named to 766921 PTE. A.T. ROSS 123-CAN.INF. Alexander Thomas Ross was born in Duriss, Kincardineshire, Scotland on 4 December 1875. He was working as a labourer when he enlisted in the 123rd Bn CEF (Royal Grenadiers), Canadian Expeditionary Force in Toronto, Ontario on 22 November 1915. Claiming 7 years previous service with the Gordon Highlanders, he was almost 40 years old, and single, when he joined. He sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia with his unit on the SS Cameronia on 8 August 1916, and served at the front with the 123rd Battalion from 10 March 1917 until being discharged, medically unfit, in November 1918. The 123rd Bn was employed as a pioneer unit in the 3rd Infantry Division, and Ross would have served with the unit at Vimy, Hill 70, and Passchendaele. In many cases the battalion served at the front supporting the infantry battalions of the division, undertaking tasks that included the installation of barbed wire, road improvements, and the building of fortifications and dugouts. They also constructed bridges and plank roads to facilitate the movement of troops, artillery pieces, and supply columns. The unit was later absorbed into the 3rd Canadian Engineer Brigade. Medals are loose on original ribbons. A very scarce pair to a seldom seen unit.

Good VF Condition $300


  One. Imperial Service Medal (GVI). Named to CHARLES EDWARDS. Loose on clean original ribbon.

Good VF Condition $45


  One. Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers' Decoration (EVII). Named to HON.CAPT.& Qr MASTER. A.S.HUNTER 56th REGt. Hunter was awarded his decoration in G.O. 36, 1913. Number '6' in unit name appears to have been corrected. Roll indicates rank as 'Quartermaster and Hon Major'. Medal is mounted on slightly faded original ribbon. A scarce EVII decoration, one of only approximately 200 of this type awarded to Canadians.

VF Condition $900


  Three. United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) Medal (Middle East/Sinai Desert), United Nations Disengagement Observation Force (UNDOF) Medal (Israel/Syria), and Canadian Forces Decoration. CD named to CPL KM GERMAINE. Corporal Kenneth Michael Germaine served with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. With some paper copies of documents researched from his service file. Medals swing mounted as worn.

Good VF Condition $300


  One. General Service Medal 1918-62 with clasp 'Palestine 1945-48'. Named to EC. 13610 SJT. D.T. SWAIPE, A.P.C. Medal is loose on clean new ribbon.

VF Condition $85


  One.Colonial Auxiliary Force Long Service Medal (VRI). Named to SERGEANT J. BACON, 3rd. F.B.C.A. The 3rd Field Battery, Canadian Artillery was based in Montreal, Quebec. Medal was awarded in G.O. 24, 1904. No ribbon; one slight edge knock at 9 o'clock. One of approximately 1350 Victorian obverse awards to Canadians.

VF Condition $275


  Seven. 1939-1945 Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal (Canadian issue), Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with overseas clasp, War Medal 1939-45 (Canadian issue) and Canadian Forces Decoration (EIIR). CD named to CAPT. J.B. ESSERY. John Basil Essery served as an officer in the Governor General's Horse Guards, and he is mentioned by name in the unit history. He was an Upper Canada College and University of Toronto graduate and a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at U of T, and played on the university Rugby team before enlisting in 1941. Medals are mounted with a copy photo of him and a set of GGHG cap badge and collars. An interesting group to a Royal Canadian Armoured Corps officer with excellent research potential.

Good VF Condition $625


  Three. Special Service Medal with N.A.T.O. clasp, United Nations Medal for Iran/Iraq (UNIIMOG), and Canadian Forces Decoration. CD named to CPL BM MASON. Sergeant Beverley Michael Mason served from 1969-1992. He began his service in the 8th Canadian Hussars as an Armoured Crewman in Lahr, Germany, and later transferred to the Canadian Armed Forces Logistics Branch, serving as a cook. With some paper copies of documents researched from his service file. Medals mounted as worn. A relatively scarce group for service with UNIIMOG, as only 581 Canadians served with the latter mission during its short duration.

EF Condition $350


  One. Imperial Service Medal (GV). Named to WILLIAM RUGG. Medal is loose on original tattered ribbon.

Good VF Condition $60


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