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Welcome to the latest Vimy Militaria update! This month's additions continue my recent theme of variety, and I am optimistic there are items that will be of interest regardless of your collecting focus or budget. Highlights include a Second World War Memorial Cross to a PPCLI casualty of the Italian Campaign, an interesting North West Mounted Police themed photo album, a First World War Canadian Light Horse group, and an interesting CEF CAMC group to a soldier who served in Salonika, as well as several casualty singles to CEF soldiers. I have also added more badges, some CEF sweetheart pins, and some scarcer type medals, with the highlight a scarce early Ontario Provincial Police Long Service Medal. Frequent visitors will note that a number of items have had an invitation to make an offer added; these are generally consignment items where my client has indicated some openness to consider reasonable offers, and I am happy to convey these and work with both parties to see if scope for a sale exists. This feature has proven popular, and several clients have taken advantage of this option to secure items of interest. As always, I encourage you to contact me directly with your wants, as I am happy to keep these on file and to contact you if something in your area of interest arrives.

Please keep visiting regularly!

Best wishes,

Jim Godefroy

New Arrivals


  One. Military Medal (GV) Medal is un-named, as issued to non-Commonwealth recipients. Mounted as issued on original brooch pin and tattered/distressed original ribbon. An interesting example of this award.

Good VF Condition $400


  Three. 1914-15 Star, British War Medal 1914-20, and Victory Medal. 1914-15 Star named 112159 TPR. R. WICK. 2/CAN: DIV: CAV:, and pair named with same number, name, but rank PTE., unit CAN.CAV. BDE. Reginald Wick was born 25 October 1895 in Hull, England. He was a farmer and a member of the 19th Regiment of the Canadian Militia in St. Catherines, Ontario when he enlisted in the 7th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles in London, Ontario on 9 February 1915. He arrived in the United Kingdom on 22 June 1915, and embarked for France with his unit, which became the 1st Hussars Special Service Squadron, and acted as the 2nd Canadian Division's Cavalry Squadron, on 15 September the same year. Wick was attached to the 2nd Canadian Division Signal Company for duty on 2 October 1915, returning to his unit on 13 March 1916. He was detached again, to the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, to act as a trench guide from 2-9 May 1916. Wick was ill with dysentry during this duty and spent some time in 5th Canadian Field Ambulance, his release from medical care coinciding with his return to his unit. The 2nd Canadian Division Cavalry Squadron, along with those of the other divisions, became part of the Canadian Corps Cavalry Regiment on 31 May 1916, and was later renamed The Canadian Light Horse on 9 March 1917. Wick was detached to the 3rd Cavalry Division School between 30 January and 5 March 1917, and then returned to his unit, serving with the CLH until war's end. On 1 April 1919, Wick transferred to the Canadian Army Pay Corps in England, and later decided to take his discharge in the UK, being released on 24 June 1919. Group is loose on long lengths of original ribbon which have some adhesive residue on them in spots, and is accompanied by a period set of miniature medals and a buttonhole badge with miniature ribbon bar for trio, as well as original transmittal paperwork and discharge papers. A very scarce group to an original member of the Canadian Light Horse.

Good VF Condition $650

  One. Memorial Cross (GVI). Named to K.85285 PTE. A.L. CRASSMAN. Andrew Lewis Crassman served in Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and was killed in action while serving in Italy on 17 January 1944. He is buried in the Commonwealth War Grave Commission's Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, Ortona, Italy. Crassman was survived by his widow, Phyllis Crassman. Cross is on a Sterling pin-backed bow, and in original box of issue. It is accompanied by the original telegram to his wife, Phyllis, notifying her of his death in action. With electronic copy of service record. A scarce Second World War Italy casualty cross to a sought-after unit.

Good VF Condition $850


  One. Victory Medal. Named to MAJOR. W.Y. HUNTER. William Yeates Hunter was a Professor of English who enrolled in the 203rd Bn in Winnipeg in March 1916, later serving in the 18th Reserve Battalion before being seconded to Lines of Communications duties with the Imperial Forces, and going to France in July 1917. He was attached for duty to HQ 5th Army, and served as the Town Major in Vlamertinghe before being invalided back to the UK as a result of a motorcycle accident that caused him to fracture his left humerous bone. He returned to Belgium to be the area commander in the Sherpenburg area near Ypres in August 1918, and was killed on 28 September 1918 when an enemy shell struck the building in which he was billetted. He had 13 1/2 years previous service on enlistment as a Captain in the 8th Kings (Liverpool) Regt, and had earned the QSA and KSA for service in the Boer War. He was serving in the 105th Regt Saskatchewan Fusiliers before the war. Loose on length of soiled older original ribbon.

Good VF Condition $100


  One. RCAF-associated Sterling silver prize ashtray. Engraved No.1 Air Observer School Malton, Presented to Sgt. F.A. Davidson, Winner of Skyways Trophy, by Dominion Skyways Training Air Bomber Course 79, August 5, 1943. Marked 925 STERLING on reverse.

Good VF Condition $200


  One. A photo album containing images of members of the North West Mounted Police and Indigenous Canadians in the Canadian West. Album is 11 1/2" long x 7 1/2 inches wide, with a hard bound black binder cover and a four ring binder system. It contains a series of black and white images glued to cardboard backings with hand written desrciptions of the subject of each photo printed in black ink. It contains 87 images of NWMP subjects, including group photos, individual portraits, and images of the various locations where the force established forts. Another 33 images of Indigenous Canadians are included, again featuring a mixture of named portraits, group photos, and scenes of life on the plains. The images appear to cover the period 1873 up to around 1910. Many seem to be prints from negatives held in institutional collections, vice unique original images, although it appears that the cataloguer who compiled them and added the captions had some knowledge of the subjects, as in many cases, he includes nicknames or details that are not apparent in the images. An incredibly interesting and useful compilation of images of the NWMP in the early years of the force.

Good VF Condition $800


  Two. British War Medal 1914-20 and Victory Medal. Named to 2124981 CPL. W.A. SCHOFIELD. C.O.R.C.C.. William Alexander Schofield was born in Montreal, Quebec on 11 January 1891. A locomotive engineer in civilian life, he joined No. 1 Section Skilled Railway Employees of the Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps at Montreal on 6 February 1917, serving in France from 19 April 1917 until February 1919. With hard copy service file. A scarce pair to a seldom seen unit.

Good VF Condition $350


   One. British War Medal 1914-20. Named to 2293717 PTE. J.P. MCDOUGALL L.S.H. -R.C.-. Donald Findly McDougall was born in Green Valley, Glengarry County, Ontario on 19 November 1896. He was a gas engineer in civilian life when he enrolled in the Depot Squadron Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC) at Winnipeg, Manitoba on 1 January 1918. His attestation papers indicate he had spent 6 months in the Permanent Force at the time of his enlistment in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. McDougall arrived in England on 16 February 1918, and was taken on strength of Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC) in France on 16 April 1918. He served with the unit until war's end, and is also entitled to the Victory Medal. This medal was formerly in the collection of Don Tresham, an Ottawa, Ontario based collector and militaria dealer who served in the regiment. Medal is lacquered and court-mounted on newer ribbon with a pin-back for wear.

VF Condition $150


  One. A Sterling Silver 144th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force sweetheart pin. Approximately 1 1/2" wide x 1/2" tall, consisting of two miniature 144th Bn CEF badges flanking a miniature 3rd Winnipeg Rifles badge. Maker marked (indistinguishable) on reverse.

VF Condition $75


  Two. Korea Medal (Canada) and UN Korea Medal clasp Korea. Korea Medal named to SD8880 J.T.O. GAUDRY; UN Korea same number, surname but initials T.J.O., which match his attestation papers that indicate his given names are Thomas Joseph Oscar. The D in his service number on his Korea Medal is officially corrected. Gaudry served in Korea with 1 R22eR from April 1952-April 1953, before returning to Canada. He attended parachutist training in Rivers, Manitoba in July 1953, earning his Parachute wings, and served with the unit for another year before transferring to the RCOC. He took his release in June 1958. Medals are court mounted as worn, and held in a small embossed wallet (a souvenir of Japan), which contains Gaudry's dog tags and a small photo of him in battledress uniform with his medal ribbons visible.

Good VF Condition $400


  Five. 1914-15 Star, British War Medal 1914-20, Victory Medal, Naval General Service Medal with clasp 'PALESTINE 1936-1939', Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (GV). 1914-15 Star, BWM and Victory named to J. 21956 W.A. GOWING, A.B. R.N.; NGS named J.X. 166902 W.A. GOWING, P.O. R.N., and RN LSGC has same number, name, rank P.O. and unit H.M.S. MARLBOROUGH. William Arthur Gowing was born at Lowestoft, Suffolk on 8 February 1897. He joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 1st Class on 21 January 1913 at age 15, and appears to have served until 1 January 1929. Accompanied by a Spink Commemorative Jutland Medal 31 May 1916. With copy research including an image of the HMS MARLBOROUGH and service record. Medals are mounted as worn on clean older original ribbons sewn to a loose blue cloth backing. An attractive long service group to the RN.

Good VF Condition $475


  One. A collar badge to the 107th East Kootenay Regiment. Maker-marked R.J. INGLIS LIMITED. With original pin-back fastener.

Good VF Condition $30


  One. British War Medal 1914-20. Named to 2765311 PTE. A.RIEPERT. CAN.TANK. BN. Arthur William Riepert was born on 8 August 1889 in Montreal, Quebec. Drafted on 17 April 1918 under the Military Service Act of 1917, he was assigned to the 1st Canadian Tank Battalion, Canadian Machine Gun Corps. Riepert left Canada on 3 June 1918, arriving in England on the 21st. He served in England only, at Bovington, with a short attachment to the Canadian Record Office in London from 30 January-15 February 1919. Returning to Canada in August 1919, he was released from service in the CEF the same month. This medal, which represents Riepert's full entitlement, is loose on original period ribbon. A scarce medal to a member of the 1st Canadian Tank Battalion.

Good VF Condition $150


  One. A Sterling Silver 4th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force enamelled sweetheart pin. Maker-marked J.W.T. STERLING SILVER on reverse. With original working pin-back fastener.

Good VF Condition $75


  One. Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GVI). Named to JAMES W. KAY. Un-researched. Loose on clean modern ribbon.

Good VF Condition $40


  One. Second World War era Royal Canadian Air Force 'Service de Guet Aerien' (Aircraft Detection Corps) Badge in box of issue. Numbered 42088. Maker marked STERLING B.M. Co (Breadner Manufacturing Company). The Royal Canadian Air Force's Canadian Aircraft Detection Corps was organized in May 1940. It was made up of civilian volunteers across the country, who took training courses in aircraft detection in order to be able to identify both Allied and enemy aircraft, and also learned necessary communication skills to pass on their observations as appropriate. These volunteers provided a valuable early warning system at a time when radar was not yet fully developed. By the end of 1943, the Aircraft Detection Corps had 30,000 members across the country. As the need for these volunteers was usurped by technology, particularly the introduction of radar systems, the RCAF disbanded the organization in November 1944. A scarce French-language version of this badge.

Good VF Condition $75


   One. Mercantile Marine War Medal. Named to JOHN GRIMLEY. Edge knock at 6 o'clock on portion of the rim containing Grimley's surname. Unresearched. Loose on clean modern ribbon.

VF Condition $75


  One. Ontario Provincial Police Long Service Medal with clasp for 5 years of additional service. Named L.E. FOWLER 1961 in engraved capitals. Maker marked BOND BOYD on reverse of suspension. The Ontario Provincial Police Long Service Medal was instituted in 1949, and discontinued when it was replaced by the Police Exemplary Service Medal in 1983. Fowler's service is unresearched, but given the date of issue of the medal, which represents at least 25 years of service, he would have begun his service sometime between 1931 and 1936. Medal is on original wearing pin and ribbon. A very scarce early version of the OPP Long Service Medal.

Good VF Condition $475


  One. 1914-15 Star. Named to 59154 PTE. A. CHARTRAND. 21/CAN:INF: Alphonse Chartrand was born in Hull, Quebec on 5 February 1888. He was working as a labourer before joining the 21st Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force at Kingston, Ontario on 9 November 1914. Chartrand arrived in England with his battalion on 15 May 1915, and deployed to France on 14 September 1915. Chartrand was killed in action at Courcelette on 15 September 1916 at the Sugar Refinery. Medal is accompanied by some hard copy extracts from service file and a copy of Circumstances of Death form. Medal is loose on modern ribbon.

Good VF Condition $125


  One. Memorial Cross (GV). Named to 24153 L.Cpl. C. MALTBY. Charles Maltby was born on 22 March 1884 in Hull, Yorkshire, England. He was a bricklayer in civilian life, and had served for two years in the 5th Royal Highlanders of Canada when he enrolled in the 13th Battalion CEF (Royal Highlanders of Canada) at Valcartier on 23 September 1914. He sailed with his unit as part of the 1st Canadian Dvision sent to England in October 1914, and landed in France with his battalion in February 1915. Promoted Lance Corporal on 14 April, Maltby was recorded as wounded and missing during the 13th Battalion's engagement in the Second Battle of Ypres beteween 22 and 24 April 1914. His service record indicates that it was later determined that Maltby was killed in action on 24 April 1915, and he is buried at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Perth Cemetery (China Wall), just outside Ypres, Belgium. Medal is loose with no ribbon, but a length of modern replacement ribbon will be provided.

Good VF Condition $350


  Four. 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal and Memorial Cross (GV). 1914-15 Star named to 02527 Pte A. CAMPBELL. CAN.A.M.C., pair same number, rank, name but C.A.M.C., and Memorial Cross named 02527 Pte A.CAMPBELL. Albert Campbell was born on 8 February 1878 in Manchester, England. He was a painter in civilian life when he enlisted in the 2nd Canadian Field Ambulance at Montreal, Quebec on 30 June 1915. Campbell arrived in England on board the SS Corsican on 5 October 1915, and was taken on strength at Shorncliffe hospital. He was transferred to the 4th Canadian General Hospital on 8 October 1915. He embarked for Alexandria on H.S. Carisbroke Castle on 5 November 1915, disembarking in Salonika on 11 November 1915. He served in Salonika until September 1917, when he returned to England ill. Campbell died on 20 September 1917 from a pulmonary oedema (cardiac asthma) at the 2nd Eastern General Hospital in Brighton, England. He is buried in Manchester Southern Cemetery Lancashire, United Kingdom Lot S. 115. His medals were sent to his wife at 88 Marin Avenue, Montreal, Quebec. With electronic research file that includes a gravestone photo and image of Campbell (this found posted at the VAC Canadian Virtual War Memorial website). Medals are un-mounted/loose on clean older ribbons, with exception of 1914-15 Star, which is fitted with modern ribbon.

Good VF Condition $500


  Four. Two matched pairs of modern Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment of Canada) officers' collar badges. All with original lugs. No maker marks.

VF Condition $85


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