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Medals Wanted

The listing below consists of items that I am searching for to complete reunites in my own collection. Foremost amongst these are two of my great-grandfather's medals, which are out there somewhere, lost to our family. My great-grandfather's name was Henry Charles Drummond Godefroy, and he served in the Boer War with the Volunteer Company of the 1st Bn Essex Regiment, with service #6963, receiving the QSA with clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal and South Africa 1901, and with the Royal Field Artillery with service #39778 as a Bombardier during the First World War, earning the British War Medal and Victory Medal for service in France. He died in December 1919 from the effects of being gassed during the war. My uncle located Henry Godefroy's British War Medal, which was in the possession of one of our cousins - it is named 39778 CPL. H. C. D. GODEFROY R.A. His Victory Medal, similarly named, is still missing.

Henry Charles Drummond Godefroy, Royal Field Artillery

If anyone can help me to track his Victory Medal or Queen's South Africa Medal down, I will certainly be grateful.

I am looking for the following medals for my own collection, to complete broken groups, and will be happy to purchase them outright or to trade against any item listed on the Vimy website:

Canadian QSAs and CEF World War 1 Medals
Item Service Number Rank Name Unit Medal(s)
1 N/A LCOL M. DOCHERTY L.S.H. (R.C.) Memorial Cross
2 2293379 PTE E.H. CLARK L.S.H. (R.C.) BWM
3 2147419 PTE G. HARDING F.G.H. BWM
4 652 LIEUT C.C. SCOTT 27-CAN. INF. 1914-15 Star (6th Fd Coy, C.E.), Victory (LIEUT)
6 2157329 A. SGT. H. KITCHEMAN C.F.C. Victory, Memorial Cross
7 27615 PTE. G.J. ADAMS 15th CAN. INF. BN. Victory
8 24382 PTE. J. MC PHERSON 13-CAN.INF. BWM, Memorial Cross
9 472907 PTE. M.C. JORDAN 46-CAN.INF. BWM, Victory
10 2752 LIEUT G.W. STRANG L.S.H.-R.C- MM (SGT), 1914-15 Star (SGT), Victory (LIEUT)
11 175279 SJT W. SPECK 28-CAN. INF. DCM
12 2768 L. CPL. J. STONEHAM L.S.H. -R.C.- 1914-15 Star, Memorial Cross

Memorial Plaques
Malcolm Docherty
Peter Marshall McLellan
Edmund Henry Clark
Campbell Craig Scott
Evelyn Claude Culling
Herbert Kitcheman
John Sydney Allan Stoneham


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