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Modern Medals


  Two. Korea Medal (Canada) and UN Korea Medal clasp Korea. Korea Medal named to SD8880 J.T.O. GAUDRY; UN Korea same number, surname but initials T.J.O., which match his attestation papers that indicate his given names are Thomas Joseph Oscar. The D in his service number on his Korea Medal is officially corrected. Gaudry served in Korea with 1 R22eR from April 1952-April 1953, before returning to Canada. He attended parachutist training in Rivers, Manitoba in July 1953, earning his Parachute wings, and served with the unit for another year before transferring to the RCOC. He took his release in June 1958. Medals are court mounted as worn, and held in a small embossed wallet (a souvenir of Japan), which contains Gaudry's dog tags and a small photo of him in battledress uniform with his medal ribbons visible.

Good VF Condition $400


  One. Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GVI). Named to JAMES W. KAY. Un-researched. Loose on clean modern ribbon.

Good VF Condition $40


  One. Ontario Provincial Police Long Service Medal with clasp for 5 years of additional service. Named L.E. FOWLER 1961 in engraved capitals. Maker marked BOND BOYD on reverse of suspension. The Ontario Provincial Police Long Service Medal was instituted in 1949, and discontinued when it was replaced by the Police Exemplary Service Medal in 1983. Fowler's service is unresearched, but given the date of issue of the medal, which represents at least 25 years of service, he would have begun his service sometime between 1931 and 1936. Medal is on original wearing pin and ribbon. A very scarce early version of the OPP Long Service Medal.

Good VF Condition $475


Two. Queen's Korea Medal and modern US copy UN Korea Medal with clasp KOREA. Queen's Korea named to L/FX. 853600 D.G. VALLANCE A/L.A. R.N. Medals are court-mounted on original ribbons on a hard card backing. Un-researched.

Good VF Condition $150


Two. Special Service Medal with NATO-OTAN bar and Canadian Forces Decoration (EIIR) with two bars. CD named to CAPT. M.M. LEHMANN. Lehmann retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, having served as a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot on the CF-104. Medals are unmounted in orginal boxes of issue. Accompanied by a significant quantity of accoutrements, insignia, and souvenirs including his RCAF dress shoulder boards and gold braided dress belt; RCAF cap badge for forage cap, RCAF Pilot wings, RCAF uniform buttons (3 large, 2 pocket sized, and 5 for forage cap), some unknown French Air Force enameled insignia (4 total), Gold CF Service Pin, Air Command pocket badge, Canadian Forces Europe pocket badge, a French NATO pocket badge, a lucite F-104 Consortium 10th Anniversary paperweight, a pair of dress USAF pilot wings, a 422 Sqn RCAF decal, an Ecole Interarmees du Renseignement et des Etudes Linguistiques coin, a Presidio Monterey coin, an unknown bullion embroidered badge (hand holding an ax - possibly French), and a quantity of flight suit badges, including one CF-5 (maple leaf shape, used); two CANADA CF-104 (round), two BIG CLICK 74 TRW 52 GAF LECK (round), one SPA 153 1/3 NAVARRE (round, used), and two 433e (round, used). An extensive archive of material accumulated by a Canadian Cold War fighter pilot over the course of a long career of service, and worthy of further research.

VF Condition $600


One. General Service Medal 1918-62 with clasp 'Palestine 1945-48'. Named to EC. 13610 SJT. D.T. SWAIPE, A.P.C. Medal is loose on clean new ribbon.

VF Condition $85


Three. Special Service Medal with NATO*OTAN bar, UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration with bar.. CD named to CPL. J.A. CLEAL Medals court-mounted as worn. Unresearched.

Good VF Condition $300


One. Imperial Service Medal (GVI). Named to CHARLES EDWARDS. Loose on clean original ribbon.

Good VF Condition $45


Two. General Service Medal 1962- with clasp 'Northern Ireland' and UN Forces in Cyprus (UNFICYP) Medal. Named to 24304089 GNR. A. SHAW RA.. Un-researched. Medals are court mounted as worn, with some polish residue on surface of UN medal.

Good VF Condition $175


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