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Modern Medals


  One. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal 1952-2012. Unnamed as issued. In Toye, Kenning and Spencer Ltd box of issue.

Good VF Condition $75


  One. Police Exemplary Service Medal (EIIR) Named to CONST. WILLIAM J. KAY. Court mounted on card backing on an original length of ribbon.

Good VF Condition $40


  Two. Queen's Korea Medal and modern US copy UN Korea Medal with clasp KOREA. Queen's Korea named to L/FX. 853600 D.G. VALLANCE A/L.A. R.N. Medals are court-mounted on original ribbons on a hard card backing. Un-researched.

Good VF Condition $150


Two. Special Service Medal with NATO-OTAN bar and Canadian Forces Decoration (EIIR) with two bars. CD named to CAPT. M.M. LEHMANN. Lehmann retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, having served as a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot on the CF-104. Medals are unmounted in orginal boxes of issue. Accompanied by a significant quantity of accoutrements, insignia, and souvenirs including his RCAF dress shoulder boards and gold braided dress belt; RCAF cap badge for forage cap, RCAF Pilot wings, RCAF uniform buttons (3 large, 2 pocket sized, and 5 for forage cap), some unknown French Air Force enameled insignia (4 total), Gold CF Service Pin, Air Command pocket badge, Canadian Forces Europe pocket badge, a French NATO pocket badge, a lucite F-104 Consortium 10th Anniversary paperweight, a pair of dress USAF pilot wings, a 422 Sqn RCAF decal, an Ecole Interarmees du Renseignement et des Etudes Linguistiques coin, a Presidio Monterey coin, an unknown bullion embroidered badge (hand holding an ax - possibly French), and a quantity of flight suit badges, including one CF-5 (maple leaf shape, used); two CANADA CF-104 (round), two BIG CLICK 74 TRW 52 GAF LECK (round), one SPA 153 1/3 NAVARRE (round, used), and two 433e (round, used). An extensive archive of material accumulated by a Canadian Cold War fighter pilot over the course of a long career of service, and worthy of further research.

VF Condition $600


One. General Service Medal 1918-62 with clasp 'Palestine 1945-48'. Named to EC. 13610 SJT. D.T. SWAIPE, A.P.C. Medal is loose on clean new ribbon.

VF Condition $85


Three. Special Service Medal with NATO*OTAN bar, UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration with bar.. CD named to CPL. J.A. CLEAL Medals court-mounted as worn. Unresearched.

Good VF Condition $300


One. Imperial Service Medal (GVI). Named to CHARLES EDWARDS. Loose on clean original ribbon.

Good VF Condition $45


One. 1953 Coronation Medal Un-named as issued. Medal is mounted on original ribbon with brooch.

Good VF Condition $65


One. Coronation Medal 1953 Medal is loose on clean older ribbon.

VF Condition $65


Two. General Service Medal 1962- with clasp 'Northern Ireland' and UN Forces in Cyprus (UNFICYP) Medal. Named to 24304089 GNR. A. SHAW RA.. Un-researched. Medals are court mounted as worn, with some polish residue on surface of UN medal.

Good VF Condition $175


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